SLU Rescinds University News Charter

Dear fellow journalists, The Saint Louis University board of trustees voted Saturday to rescind the charter of the University News. Though the details are still sketchy, the board is giving the university administration and the newspaper staff 10 days to write a new charter. But it isn’t clear how much input the students will have in the final draft.

Over the weekend, the University News staff will decided among themselves what strategy to take with the administration. And the St. Louis Chapter continues to express support and willingness to work with the students to protect a free press on SLU’s campus. Once they make a decision, the chapter will issue a public statement.

If the University News staff decides that it would be best to negotiate a new charter, I will ask the national SPJ journalism education officials to help them develop a model charter that will preserve their editorial independence.

Let’s hope that the administration will be reasonable. In any event, the St. Louis chapter will put out a statement as soon as a staff decision is made and it will contact Kent Porterfield, SLU’s vp of student development, to press for a “good faith” resolution to this dispute.

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