The Opportunities and Obstacles for Minority Media

As the audience for digital media widens, so too does the opportunity for writers, journalists and broadcasters. Populations whose voices were once drowned by the mainstream now have risen to ride the tide of new media sweeping through our lives, and minority groups in particular are seeing their messages reaching eyes and ears like never before.

But the new wave does not float all boats. Obstacles still abut the opportunities for minorities in media. Some compliment each other; some cancel out each other. Together, they present an assortment of challenges that bear observation and analysis.

On Friday at Webster University, three noted St. Louis-area communicators discuss what the present affords minorities in journalism and how it can shape their future. The panel discussion includes:

Bernie Hayes, columnist for the St. Louis American, member of the St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame, and professor of media diversity at Webster University.

Holly Edgell, an independent journalist from Belize, former journalism professor at the University of Missouri, and former regional editor of AOL’s

Darin Slyman, editor and publisher of The Vital Voice, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender information source.

The discussion, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Friday, April 6 at Webster University’s Sunnen Lounge, will be moderated by Don Corrigan, professor with the global journalism program at Webster. Food and refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend.

This event was organized in cooperation with the Webster University Student Chapter of SPJ. Sunnen Lounge is inside the University Center.

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