Who has the right to watch us from the sky?

Bill Allen, University of Missouri

Bill Allen, Mizzou journalism professor

Many TV stations have the capability to chase stories in the sky aboard a helicopter, but now some journalists are experimenting with drone technologies — used for military surveillance — to get previously unimaginable footage. Drone technology, your privacy and the attempt of the Federal Aviation Administration to regulate this type of news gathering will be explored at the Society of Professional Journalists’ next News at Noon on Thursday, June 12.

The federal government and some states currently ban using small drones with cameras to find and cover the news. But that could change. Student journalists at the University of Missouri have demonstrated some of the possibilities for journalism.

Mizzou journalism professor Bill Allen will take a look at those results and brainstorm more potential uses for gathering the news, explaining it and serving as a watchdog on powerful institutions.

Allen will also speak on the challenges this new technology could have on the public’s understanding of privacy should drones become widely available.

Allen was a journalist for 25 years before joining the University of Missouri faculty in 2004. A specialist in science, environment and medical reporting, he holds a joint appointment in the Missouri School of Journalism and the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program of the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

When: Thursday, June 12
Time: Networking begins at 11:30 a.m.; program begins at noon
AT&T Room, Missouri History Museum, 5700 Lindell Boulevard, in Forest Park at DeBaliviere Avenue
Food: Bring a brown-bag lunch or order lunch from Bixby’s Restaurant on the top  floor of the museum.
Price: Free of charge

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