You weren’t using those First Amendment rights anyway, were you?

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville hosted the First Amendment Free* Food Festival on March 28, offering free pizza in exchange for temporarily signing away your First Amendment rights.

No free speech, religion, press… no big deal when you’re talking about pizza, right? At least 90 people thought so, signing up while another 30 or so observed without signing away their rights. Other students played the parts of enforcers or counter-protesters outside the boundaries of the Mass Communications dictatorship.

“So many times you see people complain about how much power the media have and call for it to be curtailed, but I don’t think they realize what the First Amendment is really all about and how they benefit from it almost daily,” said Tammy Merrett, director of the Alestle and program coordinator. “I hope this will make for a more informed and engaged citizenry.”

St. Louis SPJ is proud to be a co-sponsor in this event, which is now the longest-running such event in the nation at nine years running. Other co-sponsors including the SIUE Alestle, SIUE Mass Communications Department and the College Media Association.

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