Enrollment for student journalists is up, despite challenges in profession

Student enrollment in journalism programs is up, and jobs are available but far more varied than they were in decades past, according to this piece from the Associated Press. Student newspapers are also facing some of the same trials as their professional counterparts, but are finding ways to stay alive with sufficient support from students and faculty.

A “Trump bump” is an unexpected positive. Undergraduate enrollment in journalism programs went up nearly 6 percent between 2015 and 2018, the AEJMC said. Journalism is the most popular major for Bellisario’s incoming class at Penn State, after having been surpassed by advertising and PR four years ago…

“When Trump starts calling journalists the enemy of the people and fake news, these kids get ticked off,” Dalglish said.

Years ago, graduates beat a familiar path into low-level reporter jobs at newspapers or television stations. That still happens, but when Kelly Barnett, head of the Newhouse school’s career counseling program, scrolls down the list of jobs taken by recent alumni, she sees titles like digital editorial assistant, social media producer, video streamer, social media specialist.

Also: Quoting our own vice president, Tammy Merrett of the Alestle at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville!


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