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From the national organization:

“SPJ has been an industry leader for more than 90 years, and some of its activities may surprise you. Although your rights as a journalist are guaranteed under the First Amendment, the Society of Professional Journalists, both nationally and through local chapters, fights and wins battles for Freedom of Information and First Amendment rights that might not otherwise be fought at all. As a result of SPJ’s grass-roots activism, we are able to address vital issues confronting today’s working journalist.”

Chapter officers:

  • President: Elizabeth Donald, reporter, Belleville News-Democrat. Email:
  • Vice president/treasurer: Tammy Merrett, program director, The Alestle at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Email:
  • Secretary: Janette Lonsdale, content strategist, The Red Stairs. Email:

Committee chairmen:

  • Membership: Gary Meyer, reporter, St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Phone: 314-662-0502. Email:
  • Fundraising: Open
  • University liaison: Open
  • Programming: Open

At-large board members:

Chapter By-Laws: [pdf]